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The Sustainability initiatives aim to foster environmental, social, and economic sustainability, ensuring resources are preserved for future generations while promoting long-term community well-being and responsible organizational practices.

The Go Zero To be A Hero Program

This project aims to empower children and their families with the knowledge, inspiration, and resources needed to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts.


Through engaging activities centered around the children's book "Go Zero To Be a Hero," we strive to foster a generation of eco-conscious individuals committed to sustainable living

By the end of 2025, our goal is to donate 5,000 books by forging partnerships with learning centers and schools, expanding our contributions to sustainable education.

5000 BOOKS

Is our goal to donate to families and schools across New York and Florida.

Meet the dedicated professionals behind our initiatives. Each member of our team plays a crucial role in ensuring effective promotion, measuring impact, and providing support.

Who is involved?

Andrés A. Bohorquez

Empowering Future Eco-Heroes

Just 4% of young people surveyed felt they knew a lot about the environment at school

[SOS-UK, Schools and sustainability Survey 2018]

Need for
environmental education

The world generates a staggering 400 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, only around 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. 

[Plastic Collective]

Need for reduce
plastic usage

Building Long-Term Habits

Teaching sustainability practices early on fosters a lifelong commitment to environmental responsibility.


Ripple Effect on Families & Communities

Children often become passionate advocates for environmental causes at home. This can influence family behavior and encourage sustainable practices within the community.

[Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences]

Want to Join Our Mission?

Be a part of something bigger. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift communities by volunteering your time or making a donation today. Every action, big or small, contributes to a brighter, more inclusive future. Get involved and help us make a lasting impact. Your journey with us starts here.

Our Partners

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