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We believe investing in young women and men creates healthier families, prosperous communities, and progressive nations.

Through our programs we strengthen our efforts towards making an impact in our beauty professional community by building the future generations of cosmetology professionals and business leaders.

Career & Technical Initiatives

Our goal is not to be a mere foundation but a powerful symbol of collective devotion with industry leaders to establish a student work-based learning center for the success of young, aspiring cosmetology professionals. 

positively impactied by our career and technical programs

500+ YOUNG

A collective of devoted beauty industry leaders coming together under one sacred vision to support the cosmetology high school students of New York City. 

Supportive beauty professionals, businesses, and ambassadors help us achieve incomparable impact in our community. 

Who is involved?

Zinniah Muñoz

Our Impact

Young professionals have been offered the opportunities to access our resources


Students from Queens Technical High School and William J Maxwell High School have been provided advance training!


We are committed to raise to support for education programs through the apprenticeship and scholarship programs.

$1,000,000 USD

Students will receive $10,000 scholarships


Get Involved

Be a part of something bigger. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift communities by volunteering your time or making a donation today. Every action, big or small, contributes to a brighter, more inclusive future. Get involved and help us make a lasting impact. Your journey with us starts here.

Our Partners and Advisors

This program aims to provide cosmetology apprenticeships, industry and salon education, and access to resources for advancing entrepreneurship. 

Bridging the Beauticians is designed to connect the skills and knowledge learned in the CTA classrooms with the requirements of a professional setting and sustainable career in beauty and business. 

Bridging The Beauticians

The Zinniah Foundation grants annual scholarships to high-achieving students in the areas of beauty and business. This scholarship is available to Queens Technical High School and William J. Maxwell High School students actively pursuing a career in beauty fields. 

The Zinniah Muñoz Scholarship 

Our Programs

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