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The Zinniah Foundation

Peas in a Pod

'Peas in a Pod' is a mentorship program connecting prospective artists and creators with influencers and professionals in the beauty industry. This one-on-one mentoring program is dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of the mentor and mentee, alike. The program objective is to build self-confidence through challenges and knowledge to discover and fulfill professional endeavors. 


About The Program

Focuses on pairing youth with mentors in their industry, developing a relationship, and improving their professional and artistic skills. Mentors range in specialization as listed below

  • Chemists

  • Marketing/Advertising 

  • Makeup Artists and Hairstylists​

  • Instructors

Location and Time

To be determined - This is independent of the mentee and mentor pairing

The Impact

Exposure to professionals in specialized areas within the beauty industry gears our students to explore their career and professional endeavors. Pairing young students with professionals in the beauty industry will help students learn the ropes 

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